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Alexander Mikhailov,

IT-consultant, CIO
e-mail: alex@mikhailov.ru 
private internet site: alex.mikhailov.ru




My working experience as a senior IT-strategy consultant is more then a year, 5- year experience as CIO (IT-manager) or IT-consultant in international projects (TACIS, USAID, World Bank), 7- year experience in IT-management in Russian organizations.
I managed and consulted information systems design and development, including big network information system and two-year working experience as a programmer. My overall working IT experience is 14 years

I am keen on information system planning the title of my MBA diploma is Strategic planning of information system development,
I am the author of the book Strategy of Internet Information System Design.  Managers Manual and of over 20 articles published in Russian magazines CIO, IT-director, Consulting, Marketing, Russian Information Resources, etc. Now I am preparing an article, called Seven approaches to IT-strategy development for IT-director magazine.

I know and apply IT strategy design methods, developed by Gartner and Price Waterhouse Coopers.
I created and updated internet site with IT-strategy development data: www.info-strategy.ru .
I have practical experience in planning IT organizational design and reorganization.
I participated in study tours in areas of IT-management and IT-consulting in European countries: Austria, Belgium, Germany, Greece and Netherlands.
I have dealt with Gartner commented on its news, participated in conferences and seminars.
I know Gartners IT-consulting and IT-measurements products, including methods of Information system strategic planning and TCO (Total Cost of IT Ownership).
I have organized a number of seminars on modern information technologies and project management for IT managers and students of the Academy of National Economy under the Government of Russian Federation.

My last publications:

- Seven approaches to IT-strategy development, publishing in IT-director magazine;

- Consolidation of IT-resources of holding. CIO, N5, 2003;

-  E-commerce. Chapter for Russian SME observatory, M.: Russia SME Resource Centre, 2002 and 2001;

- Information systems for business: planning of development and operation. M.: Consulting, 2002, N 1-2, 61-62 pages;

- Strategic planning of information system development. MBA degree diploma. M.: Graduate School of International Business, Academy of National Economy under the Government of Russian Federation, 2001, 134 pages;

- Information system for business: conception, Moscow,  Consulting, N1, 2001, 7 pages;

- Modern methods of project management, marketing and management for Information System design, Moscow,  Russian Information Resources, N4, 2000, 4 pages;

- Strategy of Internet Information System design. Managers guide, Moscow, Inform-Znanie, 2000, 105 pages.


 :  alex.mikhailov.ru    e-mail: alex@mikhailov.ru

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